And then... Boom

interactive installation

And then… BOOM is an interactive installation that creates a user experience that comments on the severe air pollution issues in China. It is designed to attract the user with the playful, digital experience of shooting off fireworks but then ultimately delivers a PSA message concerning the harmful effects of the same on the environment.

The experience begins with a projection of the Shanghai skyline, and the user can use the traditional Chinese fireworks launcher, along a wooden track, to shoot the fireworks on a digital skyline by lighting up a physical fuse. The installation is an interesting intersect of the physical and digital experience of launching fireworks while educating the users on its detrimental effects on the environment as it transforms into Shanghai’s polluted skyline post Chinese New Year.

Technology: Arduino and sensors, Processing, Digital Fabrication tools
Collaborators: Echo Wang, Tyler Rhorick
Project Date: December 2017