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In addition to ideating and developing immersive solutions, I like to analyze and evaluate applications of new and emerging technologies on social impact, focusing on assistive technology, social media and politics. 
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Scroll down for a list of talks and presentations of my work at various events and conferences.


Talks and Presentations

Shenzhen Design Week, 2018 Project presentation with NYU Shanghai’s IMA collective: pauseWatch, And Then… Boom
XinFab Makerspace 2017, 2018  
Role and Application of Assistive Technologies; Technology and Mental Health; Vertical Farms
Chaihuo (xFactory) Makerspace 2016, 2017 Assistive Technology for Mental Health; Everyday hacks using IoT; PauseWatch (demo and discussion)
Maker Faire Shenzhen 2016 Assistive Tools for Kids with Disabilities (with Chaihuo)
NYU ITP Show 2016 Final Project demo and Presentations
NYU IMA Show 2014 - 2017 Final Project demo and Presentations
TEDxNYU (Berlin) 2015 Politics and Social Media Technology



Use of Assistive Technology to Address the Overwhelming Sensory Stimuli in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

tag: Assistive Technology 


Preservation of Social Identity through Social Media Platforms: Jallikattu Protests
(political use of social media)

tag: Politics, Social Media, Technology, Social Impact


Violence for Justice: Naxalism and Social Media
(political use of social media)

tag: Politics, Social Media, Technology, Social Impact


Liberian Women Mass Movement for Peace and the Logic of Political Survival
(political use of social media)

tag: Politics, Social Media, Technology, Social Impact


Understanding Gender Equality and the Trends of Women Leaving Science, Technology, Engineering or Math
(women in STEM)

tag: Women in STEM, Technology, Social Impact


Social and Cultural Implications of Vision Impairment or Blindness on the Life of an Individual, and Rise Affordable Assistive Technology in India

tag: Assistive technology, Social Impact

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 6.52.23 PM.png

Transforming Europe into a Digital World: Impact of Europe’s Digital Single Market on the Socio-Economic Issues
(Digital Single Market)

tag: Technology, Social Impact, Data Privacy